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Wild Game Recipe: Pulled Venison Tacos

There are few recipes in the wild game kitchen that come together as easy as making venison tacos.

Pan frying simple ground venison and mixing it with grilled veggies and tortillas or crispy shells makes one of the American hunter’s favorite meals. It tastes even better knowing that it was you that harvested the meal in the first place, instead of relying on a person from the grocery store.

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However, with a little extra time and preparation, your venison tacos can be taken to an entirely new level that could be considered restaurant quality to even the pickiest of wild game critics. This recipe takes a few hours to complete but is completely worth the effort in the end. Oranges and limes are braised with a venison roast until the meat just falls apart.

Be warned; the aromas this recipe creates will make your mouth water until the time comes that you can just no longer wait and finally dig in.

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If you are new to my recipes, or aren’t familiar with my site, I do not normally include the exact measurements of the ingredients that I use. It is therefore up to you to figure out a recipe for yourself.

If you are like me, and most outdoors men and women, you would prefer to blaze your own trail and not be told what to do anyways. I understand completely.

With this in mind, I provide the basics and you can make this recipe your own from there. It’s our spirit of adventure that pulls us to the outdoors.

We learn new things every time we go to the woods or get out on the water. Cooking wild game is no different.

Pulled Venison Tacos    

      •  1 venison roast
      • 2 Cups Water
      • 1 orange
      • Lime Juice
      • 1 Diced White Onion
      • Cumin
      • 2 Bay Leaves
      • Oregano
      • Salt and Pepper

To start things off, quarter a venison roast and place the pieces inside a Dutch oven.



Next, add the diced onion, lime juice, 2 cups of water, cumin, salt, pepper, oregano, and orange. I used a white onion in this recipe over other varieties of onion, because the over powering taste of a white onion helps deaden the game taste of venison. Also, peel the orange and squeeze the juice on top of the chunks of venison. Leave the squeezed orange slices in the pot as well, but just throw the peel away.


This is a braising recipe, not a stew or a soup. Make sure the liquid covers half the meat but does not cover it entirely. Next, bring the Dutch oven to a simmer and pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees.



After everything has simmered for a few minutes, place the entire covered Dutch oven in the oven for a minimum of two hours. Turn the meat after the first hour and stir everything around just a bit.



On the second hour, remove the Dutch oven from the oven and place the venison chunks in a bowl, leaving just the liquid left in the pot. Remove the bay leaves and remaining orange slices that are still left over and just throw them away. Turn the heat to high on the stove top and reduce the liquid to the point it is just a little bit more liquid than paste. Your stirring spoon should be able to leave a noticeable trail while stirring when it is ready.

Once the liquid is reduced through boiling, add in 1 chunk of venison roast at a time and separate the meat into strips using two forks. Continue to add the other remaining chunks of venison while stirring the pulled strips into the liquid.



From here, it is time to make a nice cream sauce to accompany the tacos you are about to make. This part is very simple. Just combine equal parts sour cream and plain yogurt with 1 can of whole kernel corn and about 1 cup of fresh cilantro. Toss in some hot sauce, tomatoes, chipotle peppers, jalapeños, or other toppings if you like. We just kept ours simple.



All that is left is scooping some of the pulled venison in a taco and topping it off with the cream sauce. This really does taste like something you would find at a higher end restaurant. Also in the main picture are sweet potato fries with a homemade guacamole dipping sauce. To make sweet potato fries, just peel a few sweet potatoes and cut them into strips. Coat them in extra virgin olive oil and add salt on both sides. Bake them in the oven for 15 minutes on each side at 450 degrees on a wire rack.



The guacamole sauce consists of 3 peeled and seeded guacamoles with 1/4 teaspoon salt, lemon juice, parsley leaves, and garlic cloves all mixed up in a blender.

If you would like to see more recipes like the one shown here, follow me on twitter at @BradSmith319. You can always check out my blog as well by going to Enjoy!

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Wild Game Recipe: Pulled Venison Tacos