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Wild Foraged Recipe: Morel Mint Pasta

Hunting for morels can bring amazing dishes to your table.

Whenever I hear of anyone talking about how many morels they found over the weekend in their super-secret woods, I normally hear how quickly they fried them up in flour, eggs, and butter as soon as they got home.

For the most part, pan-frying morels is the most common method used by outdoorsmen and women all over the country. However, just like many other mushrooms, there are a variety of options when it comes to this springtime delicacy.

This following easy morel recipe is sure to impress even picky eaters, and the fact that sautéed morels are a part of every bite make it even better.

This is just the first recipe in the coming weeks that will feature morels. Check back often and see what’s next!

Morel Mint Pasta 

  • 1 lb (or as much as you like or have) Morel Mushrooms
  • Cherry Tomatoes (about 1 C) – halved
  • Asparagus – cut into small pieces (1 bunch)
  • Fresh Mint Leaves (1 handful)
  • Angel Hair Pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • Butter
  • Parmesan Cheese

This whole recipe comes together rather quickly once it gets rolling, so get everything ready at the start.

Arrange all of the fresh vegetables on a cutting board or flat surface—pre-diced—so each ingredient can be quickly added to the pan at the right time. I also sliced the morels in half, but that is up to you.


Once everything is diced, start boiling the water for the pasta and make sure it is heavily salted. I try to make mine taste like the sea. When the water is boiling, add in the pasta. Melt the butter and a little olive oil in a pan and add in the chopped asparagus – sauté until tender. Next, add in the morels and sauté them with the asparagus up to the point that they begin to release their moisture. At that time add in the tomatoes and continue to cook it all together while softly stirring frequently.


Drain the pasta and reserve about ¼ cup of the water. Stir in the pasta with everything in the pan while adding some of the pasta water as needed to keep everything moist. Reduce the heat and add in the parmesan cheese and continue to stir until it all melts. Finally, remove the pasta from the heat and add in a small handful of mint leaves and stir until evenly mixed.

What you will find is that a small amount of mint gives each bite a just a hint of flavor but it won’t overpower. This special ingredient really makes this dish taste like spring to enhance the flavor of the morels.


If you would like to see more recipes like this or other outdoor related content, follow me on Twitter at @bradsmith319.

Otherwise, post a comment below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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Wild Foraged Recipe: Morel Mint Pasta