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Wild Fishing Moments Caught On Camera [VIDEO]


Raining fish, fish crossing the road and a bald eagle taking a drag-peeling run across a river make up some of the highlights of this wild fishing compilation.

The first youngster featured seems a little out of place with his catch and makes for a lighthearted beginning, but the next clip will have you wide awake. The shark that takes this young woman’s catch for a ride is hard to identify but it looks like a bull shark.

Watch the video and see these wild fishing moments for yourself.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

I don’t think the fella that had the pretty young lady falling in his lap was too upset, but the guy that had the epic rod-breaking meltdown certainly was. It looked like he had probably tried to set the hook on a bite for the last time. It was likely a gar stealing his bait and he couldn’t figure it out. Totally understandablea solid meltdown is good for an aggravated angler once in a while.

As far as the eagle incident; I think the gentleman who hooked it needs to re-spool his reel. Hopefully that wasn’t the only time he had a bite that day.

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Wild Fishing Moments Caught On Camera [VIDEO]