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Wild, Deaf Turkey Caught with Bare Hands [VIDEO]

Even though it was sick, behold, the turkey caught with bare hands.

Two Alabama deer hunters were out in the woods when they noticed something bizarre. That’s when the unthinkable happened: this wild, deaf turkey was caught with bare hands.

The men discovered soon after their catch that the turkey had avian pox and was deaf. Obviously this is why they were able to snag the bird as they did.

Never mind the shaky footage from the homemade video. This is still pretty exciting.

To be able to sneak up on any wild animal, much less capture with your own hands, must be quite a thrill.

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“Tell us what we just did,” the narrator says to the man clutching the turkey. “We just caught a 100% wild turkey!”

Wisely, the duo decides to confiscate the turkey in order to help prevent the sickness from spreading to other birds and wildlife.

But what a thrill to catch a wild turkey with your bare hands!

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Wild, Deaf Turkey Caught with Bare Hands [VIDEO]