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Wild Chase: Kansas Coyote Hunt Using Greyhounds [VIDEO]

A turbo-charged Kansas coyote hunt using greyhounds is pretty hectic.

These hunters take their trucks out on frozen Kansas cornfields and let their greyhound mixes loose to chase down coyotes. These hounds are mixes of wolfhounds, bloodhounds, and greyhounds according to YouTube.

It’s an amazing thing to watch a group of wolfhounds running free; it’s even more amazing to watch them outrun a truck… and some unlucky coyotes.

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Most states have little to no regulations for the hunting of coyotes. Some states allow for the use of dogs to control their population. Running coyotes with dogs can leave even hardened hunters with a bad taste in their mouth.

Although they are not hunted for food purposes, farmers and livestock breeders have battled with these cunning predators for generations. Until you’ve seen a pack take down an animal, you might not realize how savage they can be.

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Wild Chase: Kansas Coyote Hunt Using Greyhounds [VIDEO]