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Wild Boars Overturning German Cemetery Plots in Food Search

The Local

Apparently wild boars don't understand the concept of letting the dead rest in peace in Cologne. 

In Ostfriedhof cemetery in Germany, reported by The Local, a sounder of wild boar is ripping through the countryside in search of one thing: food.

The hogs have begun to root through individual plots to find the worms squirming beneath and inside the coffins. One worker said that the hogs have "been plaguing us for weeks. They haven't spared a single plot."

Because the sounder is searching for food and the woods are proving inadequate, it's driving them into the town area, leading them directly to the protein-rich cemetery.

Workers have tried various methods of deterring the wild boars, but alas, nothing has worked. Incense, fences, and even the use of a megaphone have proved useless and it seems the only reasonable method now is hunting.

The city continues its battle with wild boar for now, but as summer approaches and conditions become even more ideal for hog scavenging, it will be interesting to see the direction the German town will take.


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Wild Boars Overturning German Cemetery Plots in Food Search