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If a Wild Animal Kills You, Odds Are It Will Be This One

If you’ve been worried about which wild animal is the most dangerous, you might be surprised to learn it’s actually deer.

Every year, hunters, hikers, fisherman, mountain bikers and many others take to the great outdoors to enjoy their favorite activities.

Depending on how far in the backcountry you go, the thought of a wild animal attack is always there. Be it a bear, cougar, wolf, moose, or whatever wild animal you fear might be out to get you, the odds are not likely. You see, North America’s most dangerous animal, the one most likely to end your life, is none other than the whitetail deer.

Yeah, you may not have seen that one coming. However the stats are there to back it up. A traffic injury study from a few years ago found that on average, United States deer vehicle collisions result in 200 deaths per year, a number comprised out of the approximately one million collisions that happen on the roadway. Still, those odds are about 0.0002%.

In Canada, the odds are actually a little better to get killed by a deer. One study done in 2000 shows that on average, there are 29,000 non-fatal collisions per year resulting in about 23 deaths. That’s about a 0.0008% chance, every year.

Other wild animals that might kill you just aren’t as likely as you might think. For example, bears only kill a few people a year, and it’s mostly defensive attacks. Wolves have taken out three people in the last 30 years. Mountain lions average at least one kill per year, whereas alligators have killed 18 people in the last 60 years.

Based on these stats, you should feel pretty confident the next time you are walking around the woods. It’s on the way there and on the way home that you need to worry about.


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If a Wild Animal Kills You, Odds Are It Will Be This One