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The Wilcraft Amphibious Vehicle is as Awesome as Awesome Gets

Watch for the Wilcraft amphibious vehicle on a lake near you.

Tired of lugging all your ice fishing gear out onto your favorite frozen lake, only to have to move it all when the fish aren’t biting? Tired of frigid winter winds forcing you off the ice earlier than you would like? Well your prayers have been answered in the form of the Wilcraft.

The Wilcraft is an amphibious vehicle designed with four things in mind: access, mobility, safety and extending the time you can spend fishing, hunting or enjoying the outdoors.


With the Wilcraft at your disposal, your days of carrying multitudes of gear and lugging a shelter around are over. Simply load your gear into the vehicle, start the engine, and you are off to your favorite ice fishing location. With its available built-in shelter, the Wilcraft will take care of the rest.


Moving to a new location on the ice used to be an intensive practice, but a necessary one if you want to catch a mess of fish. However, fishing from the Wilcraft means that you can be headed off to a new location with no problem at all.

Here’s some footage of the Wilcraft motoring around:


The Wilcraft also brings a new meaning to safety while ice fishing. Fully amphibious, buoyant and floatable, your peace of mind is ensured when fishing from the Wilcraft. You no longer have to worry about dangerous ice conditions or whether or not you can take your car or truck out onto the ice.

Extended Season

With all of its innovative features, the Wilcraft will help you be one of the first anglers out on the ice and one of the last anglers off. In addition to that, the Wilcraft is also ideally suited for all kinds of hunting situations. From duck hunting in a marshy bog to deer hunting in muddy fields, the Wilcraft will keep you out hunting for longer periods of time.

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It is always great to find a new product that is both innovative and very practical. The Wilcraft fits both of those descriptions to a tee. Not only does it help anglers who enjoy ice fishing spend more time on the hard water, but it can also help those who are physically challenged continue to enjoy their outdoor pursuits with much greater ease and safety.

Specifications for the Wilcraft can be found here.

What would you use a Wilcraft for? Leave your ideas below.

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The Wilcraft Amphibious Vehicle is as Awesome as Awesome Gets