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Wiener Dogs Like to Go Fishing Too [VIDEO]

If you didn't know, wiener dogs just so happen to be fishing fools. 

GoPros have been around for a little while now but the advances in the technology behind these little personal video cameras are generations ahead. In this video posted by GoPro, you can see this amazing technology first-hand through the eyes of a wiener dog.

A wiener dog, or dash-hound as my family likes to call them, goes on a fishing adventure for smallmouth bass. Not only do you see excitement in almost every mannerism of the wiener dog during the trip, you also see him in an outfit that is more stylish than my best attempt on date night.

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See what I mean? You probably want a wiener dog now, or at least a GoPro.

Head over to Bass Pro Shops and get one for yourself and your pooch for your next fishing trip.

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Wiener Dogs Like to Go Fishing Too [VIDEO]