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Wicked Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow Review [VIDEO]

The Mission Dagger Crossbow is small in size but big in speed and power.

At only 30 inches long and 6.3 pounds in total weight, the Dagger shoots an incredible 340 FPS at a 220-pound draw weight. It’s obviously got speed and power to spare.

Mission crossbows are also unique in that they allow you to adjust the draw weight, as well as enabling you to change strings and cables without the need of a bow press.

The Dagger’s short power stroke makes cocking easy, but even that function is made easier with the RSD silent mechanical cocking aid.

Reviewer Jeff, from Crossbow Nation, says that shooting the Dagger is outstanding.

“Even though this bow has loads of power,” he says, “it’s still one of the quietest crossbows I’ve ever shot.”

There’s all that and more to the Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow. Watch this crossbow review video and see if you wouldn’t love to get a Dagger yourself.

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Wicked Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow Review [VIDEO]