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Wicked Hog Hunting Footage Using ATN X-Sight

Here’s a bit of hog hunting at its finest. These hunters have a lock on the fine art of sooty-pig power.

As the Deep South reaches a peak in its hog hunting history, hunters are gaining more and more expertise by the day. Check out this hunter’s awesome first hunt with a brand new scope. When the big boar shows up, he gets nailed instantly. Next comes the sow, obliterated! Your turn!

We always report on the hog invasion throughout Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. More recently, it’s spreading like wildfire in the south. It’s a problem that can cost local farmers thousands of dollars a year, and the damage is being done by feral or wild hogs.

Much of Texas and the Deep South are overrun by wild hogs, and they damage millions of dollars of agricultural and native ecosystems every year. Prior to spring planting, farmers and state wildlife control make a push to reduce feral hog populations, which directly improves crop success.

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Wicked Hog Hunting Footage Using ATN X-Sight