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Why You Should Never Go Scouting Without This in Mind

Summer scouting is something many deer hunters enjoy. Make sure you always keep this in mind when preparing for deer season.

Summer is right around the corner. There’s a lot that goes into summer scouting. I run trail cameras, plant food plots, glass bean fields, you name it, I’m doing it. There is one thing though that I think is very important when summer scouting, and something that you should keep in mind as well.

When your out scouting, it’s of the utmost importance to always be thinking ahead. Just because a deer is somewhere right now, it doesn’t mean that’s where he’ll be come September, or November. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. I’ve done it time and time again. But if your always thinking ahead, and trying to be one step ahead of that buck, your efforts will pay off more during season.

When I talk about thinking ahead, it means that if you’ve located a buck using a bean field every night in the summer, but your season doesn’t open up until October 1st, which is common in many states across the country, he may not be using that food source when your hunting him. That doesn’t mean you don’t use your knowledge of him using that bean field to your advantage.

Look at that property from a wider perspective. You know where he’s living during the summer, but where would he most likely be traveling the majority of time once October rolls around? Think about getting some trail cameras up over mock scrapes to re-locate him after he sheds velvet. This should all be running through your head during the summer once you’ve located him scouting.

Glassing a food source in Nebraska

Another way I like to keep my mind thinking ahead when scouting is to always be thinking about the rut and late season during the summer. When your preparing for season in the summer it can be easy to only be thinking about early season. I do it all the time. It’s easiest because that’s what come first. When I’m out checking trail cams, or walking around for whatever reason, I like to mark trees in my GPS that I think will be good during November.

That way once the rut rolls around, you aren’t trying to play catch up, figuring out where to hunt. If I’m out scouting and driving around, and notice a killer pinch point or funnel, instead of just trying to remember it, and store it in the back of my head, I will physically mark it. This goes back to having a buck located as well. If you know where a buck is living during the summer, think to yourself, and ask yourself where you think he will most likely be moving during the heat of the rut.

FB/Tuned In Archery

It’s a simple thing really. When your out scouting this summer, try not to get caught up in the now. Keep that mind wheeling, and always be thinking ahead. If you can get one step in front of that deer you want to shoot, you will have a much better chance of harvesting him this fall.

Image Via Facebook/Tornado Alley Waterfowl 



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Why You Should Never Go Scouting Without This in Mind