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Why You Aren’t Fishing for Catfish Enough


Put down that bass rod and enjoy the simplicity of going after catfish.

While most anglers do spend some time going after catfish, very few of us spend any considerable amount of time tackling them. Most of our focus, especially during the summer months, is spent on trying to land that once in a lifetime bass.

There is nothing wrong with spending all that time pouring over our enormous collections of lures looking for that perfect one, or gluing our eyes to depth finders looking for the perfect spot to land that hog.

Catfish on the other hand are simple. They can be found in almost any body of water and require very little tackle to go after. All that is really needed are a few heavy action rods, rod holders, bobbers, hooks, weights, and some choice bait.

This simplicity makes them a very enjoyable fish to target when you are just wanting to relax by the water for the day. Instead of having to move place to place you can sit in a comfy chair next to a cooler full of cold ones while chatting away with some good company.


They are also one of the few fish that produce as well during the day as they do at night. This makes it a great time for you and your buddies to sit around a small fire on the bank, staring off at the night sky while waiting for your line to dip.

When the day is done and you basket if full they make a greatly satisfying meal for your dinner table. Battered up and deep fried with a whole mess of cornbread, you will already be thinking about when the next time you can head out for more will be.

If you are looking for a good fight then you won’t find many better freshwater contenders. Even ones weighing in at a few pounds can put up a decent fight that can rival even larger small mouths. If you manage to hook into a whopper then you better hold on as they can get into the 100+ range that will really test your skills.


Going after catfish is great for a family fishing outing as well. They are great for teaching younger fisherman who are ready to graduate up from panfishing on how to handle reeling in a bigger fish that will fight them back.

With all of these great reasons you really have no excuse not to dust off or pick up some catfishing tackle and head out for the day. Make it a family day to bond or just another excuse to get out into the outdoor to enjoy more of the great bounties of nature.


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Why You Aren’t Fishing for Catfish Enough