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Why the Remington Versa Max Should Be Your Next Shotgun

Mike Reeber

In a world where autoloading shotguns can be found by the dozen, there’s one in particular that should be your next and last buy.

When it comes to buying a new shotgun, I’m pretty picky. There are just too many autoloaders sitting on the shelf at the local gun store and to complicate things further they’re all great for different applications. Fortunately, the team at Remington has provided shooters and hunters with one autoloader that can unquestionably handle all tasks.

The Remington Versa Max is the superb combination of functionality and classic style that appeals to both hunters and clays shooters alike. Since 1816, the team at Remington has been bringing game changing firearms to the field and the Versa Max is certainly no different.

At first glance, the Versa Max synthetic catches the eye due to its sharp lines, super bright fiber-optic front sight and an oversized sliver safety button with an etched “R”. Let me say that these looks and features are just the beginning to this impressive semi-auto. Behind this stylish exterior lies an extremely functional, soft-kicking autoloader that’s capable of dominating pheasant fields, sporting clays courses and duck skies.

The Stock


When you first pick up this shotgun, you’ll note that the stock is extremely comfortable to hold and is fairly light in overall weight. Equipped with rubberized grips in all of the right places, the team at Remington really did a nice job choosing the right materials to make this an extremely fun gun to shoot all day long. Combine that with the extra plush recoil pad, this shotgun will no doubt be the only shotgun in your arsenal that’s enjoyable to shoot day after day, no matter what season it is.

After firing the first 100 rounds through this autoloader, I have to say that I’m not only a fan of its overall lightweight design, but also think that it’s surprisingly well balanced. For hunters that are often surprised by flushing birds and need to mount their shotgun and take a quick shot, the balance of this shotgun makes these types of shots much easier than some of its heavier competitors.

Simply put, this shotgun is natural to hold, point and feels like an extension of your arm. Feel confident in knowing that every time you shoulder this autoloader it will be in the right place. For an even more custom fit, this shotgun comes standard with extra spacers which help to adjust overall length.

The Action

remington, versa max

The Versa Max integrates Remington’s Versasport gas system internally, which adjusts the amount of gas needed to correctly cycle the chambered round. The illustration below shows what the interior of the shotgun looks like and how it manages the right amount of gas depending on shell length. The 8 ports that sit below the shell ultimately determine how much gas needs to be released in order for the shotgun to cycle properly, pretty incredible.

Regardless of whether you shoot target loads or choose something heavier such as high density turkey or coyote loads, this unique gas system eases(and nearly diminishes) felt recoil and continuously cycles round after round without question.


After putting over 500 rounds through this autoloader without one single jam, malfunction or issue, I can attest to how flawless this gas system really is, well done Remington! With very little overall recoil, this setup allowed me to have quick and on-target follow-up shots with ease every time.

The Trigger

Seems like these days it’s nearly impossible to find a shotgun trigger that doesn’t have any creep in it.  Who wants to buy a shotgun and then pay another $100 bucks for a trigger job? Not me and probably not you either!

Remington did an outstanding job with the trigger on the Versa Max. It’s everything that a shotgun trigger should be, short and crisp. Honestly, this trigger rivals some of the high end triggers that you’ll find in custom rifle builds, that’s how crisp it is.

Everything Else


When you open up the custom hard plastic case that’s included with the shotgun, you’ll notice that there’s a lot more than just a shiny new shotgun inside. Since Remington designed this gun to be extremely versatile, they included five chokes with this autoloader(Improved Cylinder, Light Mod, Mod, Improved Mod, and Full), talk about a good deal!

All chokes will sit flush and can be easy changed in the field with the included choke wrench that sits in an additional storage location within the case.

20160612_140210 (1)

For hunters shooting birds that require a limiting plug in the chamber, swapping out plugs is a breeze and can literally be done on the fly. Remington took what used to be a real hassle and made it into a simple task by twisting the spring stop, which quickly releases the spring and plug.

Additionally, the Versa Max comes standard with red, white and green fiber optic sights hat can be swapped out depending on light conditions and shooter preference, another nice feature that’s included with the shooter in mind.

After a tough day in the field, this shotgun can be easily broken down, cleaned up and reassembled for another day of work, without needing a whole box of tools, that’s a huge plus.

Final Thoughts


After putting this autoloader through a rigorous test which included rain, mud and some good ol’ Texas heat, I highly recommend this shotgun for the hunter or shooter who needs one reliable shotgun for year round applications and hunting environments.

Its ability to easily cycle rounds of all sizes and densities without question is superb and definitely not true amongst the rest of the pack. It’s also a treat to shoot over and over without feeling the mechanics of the action during every cycle, something that other shotguns don’t always conquer.


There’s no doubt that the Versa Max is a workhorse that is highly capable of handling all situations. If you’re looking for a well balanced, versatile and natural handling autoloader, look no further– the Versa Max is your next and last shotgun.



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Why the Remington Versa Max Should Be Your Next Shotgun