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Why Social Media is No Place for Hunting Photos: Ricky Gervais Tweets Former ‘Extreme Huntress’ Photos [PICS]

Facebook/Rebecca Francis

Anti-hunters always lash out the strongest on social media. Ricky Gervais’ recent tweet commenting on Rebecca Francis posing with a giraffe has been circulating the Internet. Not in a good way. 

Ricky Gervais tweeted a picture of Rebecca Francis, a prolific huntress, lying next to a giraffe she had bowhunted. Under the photo, Gervais wrote “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling.”

It was retweeted 14,952 times with comments like this:

Rebecca Francis is a life-long huntress and outdoorswoman. She is a mother of eight and spends the majority of her time outdoors participating in activities like hunting, fishing, climbing, mountaineering, running and hiking. She is a hunting guide in Alaska and Wyoming and a huge proprietor of getting females into the sport. She primarily hunts with a bow, recently being the second woman to complete the North American Grand Slam. 

Rebecca Francis


This is not the first time that a hunter has received death threats from anti-hunters. In fact, whenever any hunter anywhere posts a picture on social media, they often need to expect a barrage of terrible comments. It got me thinking, then, why do hunters even post their trophy photos on social media? Is it worth it? 

There is something to be said here about social media. The way it promotes connectivity is amazing; we can now communicate with people all over the world with just a click of a button. This far reach has a negative, though. Our personal decisions, or hobbies, can now be judged the world over when we share it on social media. And anti-hunters love to judge. 

I don’t think hunters should hide; in fact, I think the negative perception of hunters is slowly changing with help from the “field to table” movement. But you have to feel for the hunters and huntresses who share their pictures on social media and get slammed for them; because it’s public. People who don’t understand the hunting industry have the cruelest things to say. I think the sportsmen community is extremely supportive, but public spaces like Twitter and Facebook are becoming less than ideal places for trophy pictures.

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Why Social Media is No Place for Hunting Photos: Ricky Gervais Tweets Former ‘Extreme Huntress’ Photos [PICS]