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Why My Everyday Carry is a Glock

Ryan Ross

Everyone has a story of how they got their everyday carry pistol.

Concealed carry permit applications are at an all-time high. Firearms manufacturers are going all out for your business this holiday season. With so many options to choose from how do you know what kind of firearm is right for you?

This will not be a regurgitation of platform specifications or statistics, because there are plenty of review sites for that. This is about why my everyday carry is a Glock and the story of how I got my Glock 19.

I'm the type of person who takes months to make a big purchase and the firearm is no exception. I searched the Internet reading every review and customer testimonial and watched YouTube videos of someone shooting the gun. To be honest, before I bought my Glock I was completely sold on the Springfield XDM .45acp 4.5". I thought it was the coolest looking gun and reviews were raving.

When I went to the local gun store they did not have the Springfield that I wanted. This was in January 2013 and Sandyhook had happened a few weeks before. The store was packed. I bought the last Glock 21 .45acp. It was the last Glock they had in the store. I never seriously considered carrying a Glock, but desperation clouds judgment. I was set on the XDM, but in the heat of the social and political climate, I bought it.

I fell in love. It was a big, heavy gun, but it was a dream to carry and I was lucid shooting it. I had that gun for about a year and an opportunity arose for me to buy a Glock 19. I can honestly say that I will never need another everyday carry pistol. I may want to buy another one though.

For as much as I loved the Glock 21, I love that Glock 19 even more.


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The Glock 19 fits my hand perfectly. The grip angle is just right for my hold style. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. .45ACP will always have a special place in my heart since I grew up shooting my dad's Springfield 1911, which is a beautiful gun. But I love the 9mm in a way that I never thought that I would and this is coming from a once die-hard .45ACP guy. It's a comfortable round to carry, shoots accurately, and has plenty of stopping power in case I need it.

The moral of the story is that it's not all about specs, comparisons and "expert" opinions. Are there better guns out there than a Glock 19? Sure there are. I can name ten right now. It comes down to what was most comfortable for me to conceal, what I shot well and what was in my price range.

Take the time to go to your local firearms dealer and check out what they have. Hold the pistol you want to carry to see if it is comfortable in the hand. Ask if you can borrow a holster from a shelf and walk around with the firearm holstered to get a feel for carry. If the dealer has a range see if they have the gun you're looking at for rent and try shooting 50 rounds through it.

Reading nearly 100 articles and watching about a dozen hours of YouTube never prepared me for how much I love my carry gun. Remember, I was going to buy a different brand and I thought I was sold on a different round.

That is why my everyday carry is a Glock.



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Why My Everyday Carry is a Glock