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Why I Hunt, as Told By Randy Newberg

'Why I hunt' is an eloquent explanation from pro hunter Randy Newberg on the motivation and reasoning to pursue game.

'Why I hunt' is an explanation from Randy Newberg on why hunters are so deeply committed to their hunting lifestyle. It provides excellent talking points to explain the passion to non-hunters and a counterpoint to the vocal anti-hunting movement.

Those were some great explanations on why we hunt and a very well thought-out way to pass these points on to non-hunters. Research shows that most people in the U.S. and Canada are supportive of ethical hunting and understand how hunters' dollars and time go into conservation. Money from hunters goes well beyond any other revenue stream from other organizations in support of conservation.

There is, however, an increasingly vocal group of anti-hunting organizations that are well funded and aggressive. They look to stop hunting altogether. While it is likely the hunting community can never win over this opposition it is important for us to keep the majority of non-hunters in support of us. Randy Newberg demonstrates how we can continue to message hunting in a positive light to the wider community.

It is also on all of us to hunt in a respectful manner and be mindful of the image we portray to others. We don't want to reinforce false stereotypes of hunting that anti-hunters can use to their advantage.


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Why I Hunt, as Told By Randy Newberg