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Why Fly Fishing is Vastly Superior to Any Other Kind


If you fly fish, you're a better human being. It's science.

Once and for all, it's time to break down all the reasons why fly fishermen and women are just plain better than everyone else.

1. We have better fashion sense

Fish tux 1

From flat bills to plaid shirts to hipster beards and even suits; fly fishermen look better on the water and they know it. In fact, it seems some fly fishermen care much more about how they look in a photograph than how many fish they catch.

2. Our boxes are more organized

Fish box 1

I know it may be hard to accept but fly fishermen and women are more organized than most. It's true that many bass fishermen are detailed beyond belief but as a whole I think we can agree that fly fishermen take it to the next level.

It becomes an obsession for some and they plan and practice packing those tiny midges and nymphs into fly boxes; resembling scientific cataloging and inventorying.

3. We have the movie, A River Runs Through It

Fish River 1

There is perhaps no better symbol that bodes well for popularity than Brad Pitt standing in a river casting long lines to rising trout. The movie did more for fly fishing than anything before or since.

Until Ryan Reynolds is cast in a major motion picture about a small town kid that makes it big when he wins the Bassmaster's Classic, fly fishing gets the nod in cinema.

4. We're nerds

Fish drake

It's called entomology and it's the world of bugs. For fly fishers, it applies specifically to the bugs trout eat. And we love it. I'm talking scientific name, measuring thorax and wing type love. And in today's world, nerd is the new cool. Just watch any NBA post-game interview.

5. We catch bigger fish!

Giant Trout 2

Hey, perception is reality. And even if the tape measures and campfire tales stretch things just a little - fly fishermen truly believe that bigger fish are caught on the long poles. This is evidenced by any fly fishing Instagram feed ever. The GoPro wide angle lens really comes in handy!

6. We're Artists

Trout painting

There's definitely something about fly fishing that lends itself to the artistic nature of the human spirit. I don't know of any other type of fishing that inspires the types of paintings and literature associated with fly fishing.

This attribute tends to give off a certain entitled aura to some, for better or worse. But for every caster on the water that's eager to tell you how much that custom bamboo rod cost them, there's ten more hard working men and women that love this sport simply for what it gives us and not for the labels that come with it.


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Why Fly Fishing is Vastly Superior to Any Other Kind