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Why Do People Want to Ban Monster Shark Tournaments?

The Guardian

The U.S. Atlantic Coast has held competitions to catch monster sharks for decades, but groups are stepping up their fight to put an end to them.

If you have ever fished, it is certain that reeling in a monster shark has crossed your mind. The teeth, size, and power make it one of the true beast on this planet and fighting one on a rod would be an absolute rush.

The U.S. Atlantic Coast has held large shark tournaments for decades and a few animal rights groups are coming at them hard to put an end to them. Groups have been after these tournaments for some time now, but they are starting to gain some steam and backing.

Shark being weighed at one of the Atlantic Coast tournaments. Photo via the Guardian.

“When we started campaigning against this we were vilified but we now have lots of people telling fishermen that it is time to stop,” said the Humane Society’s Dr John Grandy, who has spoken out against shark fishing tournaments for the past decade.

“They harvest the biggest sharks, which harms the breeding population. They also prey upon the negative reputation sharks and often have encouraged people to kill them. We are concerned about the impact upon a rank of shark species.”

The argument makes sense. Many of these tournaments have been running for decades, and there are 71 registered tournaments up the Atlantic Coast. The tournaments help communities in a number of ways and also donate to charities such as Warriors for Warriors which helps raise money for veterans though.

shark 2
Circle hooks used for easy catch and release tactics. Photo via the Guardian.

There is regulations on the number of sharks and what species may be taken. In the 1970’s it was a free for all in which any type of shark and any amounts could be killed. These days there is regulations that are placed to keep the contest humane in some peoples eyes.

But, as you saw in the quotes above, they are still being labeled as harmful events according to some groups.

“I think it is sending the very, very worst message to our children, to the world, when we are hunting threatened species,” said the South African endurance swimmer and ocean activist. “We need to move away from a world where we fear sharks to a world where we fear a world without sharks.”

shark 3
Crowds gather to watch the weigh-ins of the sharks at the coastal tournaments. Photo via the Guardian.

They are seeking a global ban on tournaments in which sharks are killed. Only time will tell what happens. What are your thoughts on the situation?

For more info on this check out more of this story in The Guardian.


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Why Do People Want to Ban Monster Shark Tournaments?