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He Caught the Fish, But Why Did He Jump in After It?

What type of fish made this guy decide to go in after it? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Why on Earth did this kid strip down and jump off this dock?

Have you ever hooked a fish that is just to big and too powerful for the line you have on your rig? You go into a state of panic of how you will keep it on and land the fish without line snapping and crushing your dreams.

The YouTube fishing crew headed to downtown Chicago and were enjoying some fishing around the windy city, when some excitement unfolded.

This video comes from LunkersTV, and it was Alex Peric from apbassing that took the plunge.

After a short time of fishing, one of the guys lands a little smallmouth to get the action started. While he is taking it off the hook, whammy, you can see other young man set the hook on a big one.

Unfortunately, the fish that was putting up the fight was a not a monster bass but a giant drum. Not what you really want, but a blast to reel in nonetheless.

Afraid of his line breaking, he decides to take precaution. And by precaution, we mean strip down to only his shorts and meet the fish in the water.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to land those big fish.

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He Caught the Fish, But Why Did He Jump in After It?