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Why Be a Pro Fishing Guide? So You Can Live Your Passion

This pro fishing guide talks about why he chose this unique path to bring him closer to nature and the sport he loves.

Ever thought of becoming a pro fishing guide? All dedicated anglers have had this dream of switching up careers and getting into the sport they are crazy about.

This fly fishing guide speaks to the reasons and attraction to becoming a dedicated professional in the fly angling business.

Guiding is becoming more and more professionalized and each state has increasingly more strict regulations to become a certified guide. Aspects such as river safety, bear awareness and wilderness First Aid are must haves for prospective guides. Be it a hunting or fishing guide many states now have written and verbal exams to ensure new guides are ready for employment.

If you are considering guiding do your homework and look carefully at what schools are available and what they provide to give you a head start. The more reputable institutions will help with job placement and give you qualifications such as wilderness First Aid and boating safety.

One school I have researched is the Sweetwater Fly Fishing Guide School that offers excellent courses to prepare a new guide.


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Why Be a Pro Fishing Guide? So You Can Live Your Passion