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6 Reasons Why Bass Fishing is by Far the Best Kind of Fishing

As bass addicts, we love our sport, so why do we think that bass fishing is the best kind of angling?

These are our six reasons why bass fishing is the best kind of fishing out there, no matter what.

1. We can go big or small with our gear.

Campus Recreation Sport Club group photos
Campus Recreation Sport Club group photos

While all of us might like a huge bass boat that can run across a lake like lightning most of us cannot afford one. A simple rubber worm, a lawn chair and a patch of bass filled waters are all we need to catch some real hogs.

2. Got worms?

There is no need for fancy bait as bass just love to eat anything they can fit in their mouths. The old earthworm is still a favorite with many anglers and they still catch a bucket full.

3. Explosive strikes.

Sweet Line Charters

Bass are voracious predators that for their size pack a lot of punch. Sure they are not huge northern pike with sharp teeth but pound for pound they can give a good fishing rod bending experience.

4. The tournaments.

If you are into fishing competitions bass tournaments are the way to go. Fish side by side with some of the country's best anglers and fight for a great prize.

5. Bass lakes are everywhere.

No matter where you live in the country, you get to connect with nature, catch dinner and get some great memories with family and friends. Finding trout streams in some states is like striking gold.

6. Get in touch with the past.

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Remember that fishing mentor that taught you? In spirit, we feel they watch over us with a smile as we catch bass from the same waters that they instructed us on.

What are your best reasons that bass fishing is the best? Bass might make the top of our list, but in truth, we love catching anything that swims.


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6 Reasons Why Bass Fishing is by Far the Best Kind of Fishing