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Why are Green Night Crawlers Green and Will They Give Me Cancer?

green night crawlers

You might not have heard the rumors yet, but they're true: green night crawlers catch fish. You will want to try them the next time you buy bait. But why are they green? Is that green stuff going to give me cancer?

Green night crawlers, glow worms, nitro worms... Whatever you choose to call them, one thing remains constant: they catch fish.

I love to use them in the summer when the water temperatures start to heat up and the fish go deep. Trolling with them on crawler harnesses has proven an effective tactic, as it adds a splash of color to your presentation.

Why are green night crawlers green?

That was my first question as well, and all of my fishing buddies' first question. Turns out, bait companies add a dye to the soil the night crawlers eat, and the dye turns them green. The first attempts at this started in Canada as a patented and secret process. This means you can't use normal food dyes from the supermarket to color your bait. This will actually kill them.

Will the green slime give me cancer?

This is a joke, and I do not mean to make light of cancer. When I see something that is not normally green but still holds that emerald color, I immediately think that some sort of radiation is involved. I'm not paranoid, I promise.

Luckily, the worms are dyed using a non-toxic dye. There are no risks to you, the fish, or the night crawlers (well, no risks from the dye. Let's face it; the bait runs a huge risk of being eaten).

What I haven't covered is why you should use green night crawlers. As I mentioned, I love to switch to green night crawlers when the fish start going deeper. Because the dye also makes the worms glow in the dark, they attract more fish attention. Some reports state that fish flock to the green ones and that anglers boast better and bigger catches using them.

You can even make your own DIY green bait using Worm Glo and adding it to the bedding of your own night crawlers.

It's an easy alteration you can make that just might end up being the smartest move you've made. Want to catch more fish? Try green night crawlers!

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Why are Green Night Crawlers Green and Will They Give Me Cancer?