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Why All Hunters Should Be on the Lookout for Pokemon Go Players This Fall

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Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm and hunters need to keep eye out for players this fall. 

Pokemon Go has become hit in the United Staes with more time spent on it per day than Facebook and more daily users than Twitter. About 10 percent of the US population has this game downloaded and 6 percent are playing it every day. With that many people playing this adventure GPS game, accidents are certain to follow.

So here some reasons hunters should be on the lookout for Pokemon Go players.

1. Increased foot traffic at national and state parks


Many parks are welcoming Pokemon Go Players in open arms. Some of these same parks will become hunting havens for public land hunters. So as hunters, we will need to be extra careful and cautious of knowing the target and what’s beyond .

2. Trespassing


Pokemon deer hunting

When it comes to getting a rare Pokemon, people will go to extreme measures. Some may even hop the fence line to sling poké balls. The game might put footwork where people wouldn’t usually spend time.

3. Immersed in the game

Deer Gear

I was driving in town the other day and it looked like there were zombies walking around town with players’ eyes glued to their phone. In other words, it’ll be important to be more aware of players in the area, because they won’t be spotting a hunter.

In other words, be on the lookout this season for Pokemon Go. By October, the craze may decrease, but practicing safe hunting is always a good thing.



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Why All Hunters Should Be on the Lookout for Pokemon Go Players This Fall