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How Foolish Do You Have to Be to Spar a Turkey?

Would you be up to spar with a male gobbler?

These hunters started their day out going to scout for some turkeys, but what they found surprised them.

This gobbler wanted to spar with another turkey, but it couldn’t differentiate between a human and another tom, I guess.

Apparently, what the video does not show is the turkey charging out of the brush towards their vehicle and begin attacking it. The hunters thought the turkey would surely scare off when they got out, but instead it decided to pick on someone bigger than himself.

The bird looks like a Rio Grande which was featured in a recent article running a deer off. It goes to show that when mating season comes around, these birds mean business and are not afraid of anything.

Like what you see here? You can read more awesome hunting articles by Nathan Unger at the Bulldawg Outdoors blog.



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How Foolish Do You Have to Be to Spar a Turkey?