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Raise Your Hand if You’ve Seen an Albino Mole, Anyone?

An albino mole? Now we’ve seen everything! 

Albino animals always seem to make the headlines the world over for several reasons. First and foremost, they are very rare. Most albino animals don’t make it to adulthood because their natural camouflage is gone. However, if an animal were to live underground, then their fur color just wouldn’t matter as much. With that being said, who as ever seen an albino mole? Trust us, odds are, you haven’t either.

As you can see in this video from Jason Jenkins, he’s seen one and the odds are about 1 in 100,000.

“I was just doing my job, just like anybody else, trying to do the right thing and removing a pesky mole out of a lawn — because moles don’t make very good pets, of course,” Jenkins said in an interview. “I pulled one of our mole traps out and noticed we had something a little rare, a little unusual and it was an albino mole.”

According to the interview, Jenkins later donated the mole to the Missouri Department of Conservation for study and educational purposes.

If it was me that found that thing, I probably would have had it mounted!



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Raise Your Hand if You’ve Seen an Albino Mole, Anyone?