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Who’s Ever Heard of an Albino Muskie? Here’s One!

All images via Perry Peterson/Facebook

If a muskie is a fish of 10,000 casts, an albino muskie has to be one in a million. 

Recently, an albino muskie met the net up in Lake of the Woods, Canada. Yes, you did read that right. However, this fish was a few years in the making. As a matter of fact, one angler spent a lot of time trying to hush the doubters that this fish even existed.

Well, now here’s the proof.


Four times in the past two years, Perry Peterson had seen an white muskie following his lures in a very specific bay while on vacation from Arizona. This year, he saw it again, but this time it hit.

“It was so easy to see,” Peterson said in an interview. “It was almost like it glowed in the dark. It looked like a birch log.”

For years, Peterson had very few believes of his albino muskie story. Getting pictures was tough. Every time the fish would follow a lure, it caught him off guard. Then, the muskie would disappear before he was ready for the one-in-a-lifetime snapshot.


“We were resigned to the fact that we’d probably never catch it, but hoped to get a photo,” he wrote in an email to “A couple days later, while casting over the same general area, we were burning spinnerbaits and spoons over and through the weeds and getting some explosive hits from pike and muskies. While doing this, the albino musk hit at the end of the cast, and it wasn’t until it was halfway to the boat that we realized it was ‘the fish.'”

At that point, panic mode was in a full gear. A normal muskie can almost cause a heart attack. Just image one as rare as this!


“I’ve caught muskies to 54.5 inches, but I’ve never been as thrilled as finally catching this one,” he wrote after landing his 41 inch muskie. “Hopefully, we’ll have another encounter in future trips or someone will post a picture after catching it again.”

No doubt, this is a one in a one billion fish.



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Who’s Ever Heard of an Albino Muskie? Here’s One!