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Whoops! Man Blows Down Tree with Elephant Gun [VIDEO]

This man demonstrates just how powerful an 8 bore elephant gun is when he accidentally blows down a tree.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what an .84 caliber, 1,600-grain (~4 ounce) bullet fired from an 8 bore elephant gun will do to a tree, then this is the video for you.

Watch how far the recoil knocks the shooter backwards!

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Just like this man demonstrated when he shot down a tree with a .500 S&W Magnum handgun, it is very possible to shoot down a tree when shooting it with a big bullet.

Even though it is a black powder muzzleloader, the 8-bore is almost as big and powerful as it gets: it’s .84 caliber and shoots a 1,600 grain bullet.

Compared to that,  a 180 grain bullet fired from a .30-06 is pretty puny.

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Whoops! Man Blows Down Tree with Elephant Gun [VIDEO]