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Whole Foods Stores in Florida Are Selling Lionfish

Now you can buy lionfish at some Whole Foods stores in Florida.

Since lionfish first showed up in Florida in the 1980s, the population has exploded to what Florida Wildlife Commission officials estimate to be millions of the invasive fish.

The overpopulation of this invasive species is wreaking havoc on the area's baitfish and shrimp populations.

To combat the spread of lionfish in the area, Florida officials have encouraged residents to kill and eat the fish, which, once their venomous spines are removed, make excellent table fare.

But not everyone is into diving for their dinner and playing with venomous spines isn't exactly everyone's idea of a good time.

Luckily, Whole Foods is simplifying the process of eating lionfish by offering it in their stores. The company is selling the fish for about $10 per pound and says that the fish's "white, buttery meat lends itself to a number of different recipes."

It's hard to say if commercial sales will slow the spread of these invasive fish, but at least you can feel like your doing your part, even if you buy them at your local Whole Foods.


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Whole Foods Stores in Florida Are Selling Lionfish