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If You Fish for Bass, You Can Relate to Namibians More Than You Know

Namibia bass fishing

Namibia bass fishing is great, and they have big ones, too.

Bass fishing has become an American pastime, but we aren’t the only ones who love to chase bass. Japan, Europe and even Africa all have anglers who love chasing largemouth bass. One of those places with a burgeoning sport is Namibia, which is in southwest Africa. The country is home to a big Cheetah population as well as excellent bass fishing locales. Namibia bass fishing is great, and they even have tournaments, just like us in the good ole’ USA. They also spend their hard-earned money on fancy bass boats.

A recent newspaper article in the Namibian talks about the popularity of the sport. It is titled “Bass anglers in Namibia – a diehard breed,” which sounds like a good description of bass anglers everywhere.

The article also discusses the high costs associated with fishing tackle (we can relate to that, too) with rods ranging from N$400 to N$10,000. That converts to roughly $30-$730USD.

Within the tournament trails, the ultimate goal is to head to America to compete in the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, which offers weekend anglers the chance to compete in the Bassmaster Classic with top-name pros who fish the Bassmaster Elite Series. It is a dream for every club and weekend angler here in North America, and also for those in Namibia.

Namibia bass fishing is good, with fish up to sizes of 4 and 5kg! If haven’t brushed up on your metric system weights in a while, those are giant bass between 8.8 and 11.02-pounds. That is a trophy-sized bass no matter what continent you live on.

One difference between here and there is that they call their lakes “dams.” The article mentions some recent tournaments in places like Oanob Dam and the Von Bach Dam. 


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If You Fish for Bass, You Can Relate to Namibians More Than You Know