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Who Knew A Flock of Pelicans Could Do This? [VIDEO]

Every now and then, a video comes along that you have to see to believe.

Most people think of pelicans as docile sea birds that sit on piers and docks looking for fish. In this video by Maximiliano Ricci, a flock of pelicans are doing something that is pretty unique when it comes to scooping up some schooling fish.

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Pretty amazing right? I don’t know about you, but I do not understand the language the man in video is speaking. However, I have a feeling he was saying something along the lines of “Holy crap! I hope they don’t eat us!” mixed in with some swear words. I feel like I can relate, because that would sure as heck be on my mind if I was that guy.

Speaking of eating, being the fisherman I am, I would be curious as to what was underneath the water pushing all those baitfish to the surface to begin with! Perhaps those beach-goers should exercise a little caution when going back out in the ocean.

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Who Knew A Flock of Pelicans Could Do This? [VIDEO]