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Who Invited the Deer to the BBQ? [VIDEO]


This friendly deer has become the talk of the town in a Connecticut neighborhood.

This deer in Bristol, Connecticut has shown no fear of either people or dogs, and is becoming a common visitor at neighborhood barbecues!

I guess no one told this deer what they serve at a barbecue! It actually seems like it wants to play with those dogs.

It’s so weird to see, especially considering most deer I’ve seen are terrified of dogs.

I lived in a small town in Wyoming for a short time, and they had mule deer that ran through the neighborhoods. Many locals treated them as over-sized squirrels.

While you could get close to them, they weren’t this friendly, and they certainly wouldn’t let you feed them!

I have to agree with the anchor, this deer had exposure to humans in the past, or it was simply never taught they are a danger.

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Who Invited the Deer to the BBQ? [VIDEO]