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Cabela’s “Whitetail Season” Shows Off Their Stand Creativity [VIDEO]

Cabela’s “Whitetail Season” gives us a rundown on one of their more creative setups.

Public land can often be difficult to hunt, especially with others going in and out of an area. Getting to areas no others are willing to hunt because of access can offer some great hunting.

Many areas are public land because they weren’t sought after for farm ground or suitable for living. This can be great however for wildlife, wet areas being on of the most common setups. When there’s a channel or river present, canoeing or kayaking into your stand can be a very effective and relatively easy option.

A creative and different tactic like this may be enough to get a river bottom whitetail to walk by you. Many have said, deer don’t often expect to see hunters in boats and can be a great way to cover distance in a much shorter amount of time.

Thinking ahead and weighing your options by trying new things can yield results you might never anticipate. If you, like many others, have the opportunity to access by water, it may be an option worth considering on your next hunting trip.

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Cabela’s “Whitetail Season” Shows Off Their Stand Creativity [VIDEO]