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Whitetail Deer Chosen as Georgia State Mammal

georgia state mammal

The Georgia State Legislature recently decided to name the whitetail deer as the Georgia state mammal, instead of the original choice of the grey fox.

Lawmakers in the state of Georgia recently voted 163-2 on House Bill 70 to name the whitetail deer the Georgia state mammal.

The road to this bill originally started when a Boy Scout troop at an elementary school in Columbus, Georgia noticed that Georgia had no state mammal. The children originally chose the grey fox as their recommendation to the state, but the Georgia Department of Natural Resources convinced them that the deer was a better choice for Georgia State Mammal.

Georgia has a large, thriving population of whitetail deer. Though their deer do not normally reach the same sizes that deer up north do, there are enough deer for the state to have a deer season that is extremely long and provides hunters with a yearly bag limit of 12 deer (yes, you read that right, 12 deer).

Though several lawmakers were concerned that the efforts to name the deer as the Georgia state mammal might impede future efforts to hunt and eat deer in the state, those lawmakers were assured that the deer would receive no special protections from the state as a result of the animal's new status as state mammal.

Now that the measure has been passed by the Georgia House, it now goes on to the State Senate. Judging by the level of support that it received in the House, it is unlikely that the bill will meet with any problems in passage in the Senate or from the Governor.

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Whitetail Deer Chosen as Georgia State Mammal