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Whitetail Bucks Wage War in the Water

Whitetail bucks will wage full-out wars when battling head-to-head for territory – even if it means getting a little bit wet!

Bill Merriman’s peaceful day of fishing was interrupted by a no-holds-barred battle of epic proportions.

Two whitetail bucks, jacked full of testosterone and eager to lay claim to a prime piece of real estate, clash antlers both on land and in water during a daytime main event.

How would you score this fight?

Merriman shot this cell phone footage while paddling a river in Virginia, located between Stephens City and Winchester.

“I’ve hunted for about 26 years now. First time I’ve seen two bucks totally going at it,” he posted on his Facebook page.

The life of a whitetail buck isn’t an easy one. But it sure is thrilling to watch!



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Whitetail Bucks Wage War in the Water