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Whitetail Buck Visits Chicago’s Wrigleyville, Just Wants to Play Ball


Wrigleyville in Chicago is best known for being the home of the Chicago Cubs and some 95,000 people.

It’s not the sort of place you expect to see a whitetail buck hanging out. Yet somehow, a small buck wandered into the concrete jungle where it has been for a few weeks, now according to DNAinfo. The buck was seen and photographed in several different locations including Graceland Cemetery and the Chicago Cubs parking lot.

Eventually, it wandered  into an apartment building courtyard. It was then that someone finally called Animal Control, but not before the buck attracted a crowd of people to take photos. Among them, DNAinfo reporter Ariel Cheung, who tweeted several good photos of the buck before animal control arrived to deal with the situation.



“I got close to him. He started backing up and got in stealth mode, looked pretty still. But it was big, with the antlers and what not,” Wrigleyville resident Freddie Burton told ABC News 7. “Very impressive, I think Santa lost a deer.”

Eventually Animal Control tranquilized the buck and moved him to an unnamed forest preserve within the county. Hopefully, he’ll be able to stay out of trouble with humans there.

Images via Twitter/Ariel Cheung.

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Whitetail Buck Visits Chicago’s Wrigleyville, Just Wants to Play Ball