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This White Bull Moose Would Blend Perfectly with Snow

The mere sight of an albino bull moose is almost spiritual.

This beautiful bull was spotted in Värmland, Sweden.

Watch this video and see amazing footage of this huge albino bull moose.

Many all white, albino bull moose are sacred in many native cultures. With unsurpassed beauty, we can clearly see why they thought highly of these animals.

This particular all white bull moose was filmed by Leisha Camden in Värmland, Sweden. This hard-to-miss moose must have a hard time hiding from hunters and natural predators. The albino moose does what all bull moose do: eat and wander.

Though albino animals are found naturally on occasion in nature, they are indeed a rare sight. This is especially the case with this super sized all white bull moose.


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This White Bull Moose Would Blend Perfectly with Snow