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White Bass Bonanza: Catching a Fish on Every Cast [VIDEO]

On this day at Lake Ray Hubbard the fish were having a feeding frenzy. It was nuts. My friend and I dubbed it the “White Bass Bonanza” because we were literally catching a fish on every cast.

There are times for fishermen, even the most experienced, when it seems like everything that can go wrong will. Then there are the rare occasions when the stars align and everything goes perfectly. The latter is exactly what happened on a warm June day out on the water. Just east of Dallas, Texas on Lake Ray Hubbard we stumbled upon the most intense 20 minutes of fishing I’ve been fortunate to experience.

The fish where going crazy, pushing the bait fish to the top of the water all around us. It was as if one second we are fishing 14’ deep holes with heavily weighted spoons, and then all of the sudden we were surrounded by rising white bass. They were popping the surface of the water in every direction, our boat was in the eye of the hurricane. I imagine we could throw nearly any kind of lure that resembled a minnow and within seconds we’d have a strike.


Finally, after we’d both reeled in 10 fish or so a piece, my pal has the great idea to get out his iPhone and snag some video footage. The crazy thing is, as you can see in the footage, we were literally the only boat on the water as far as the eye could see. We had the fishing all to ourselves. It was as if God smiled on us that day – what a treat.

Though we didn’t haul in a lunker, every bass put up a good fight and made the event memorable. Catching a fish on every cast at Lake Ray Hubbard is definitely one of those fishing moments I’ll never forget.

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White Bass Bonanza: Catching a Fish on Every Cast [VIDEO]