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Whiskey Bullets: Because Real Shooters Don’t Use Ice

whiskey bullets
All photos via SipDark

Ditch the ice cubes and drop some Whiskey Bullets in your glass to chill that drink after a day at the range.

All self-respecting liquor connoisseurs know that ice is their enemy. As you are enjoying your liquor of choice after a long day at the range, in the field, or after work the ice slowly dilutes you drink as it slowly melts away.

End that tragedy while keeping your drink cool to the last drop with these awesome Whiskey Bullets from SipDark.

Whiskey Bullets work very similar to other metal balls currently on the market, but make you look way cooler in the process. Simply take the stainless steel bullets and freeze them for four hours before dropping one in per ounce of liquor straight into your glass.

whiskey bullets

Since they are of a solid construction, they also have the added benefit of staying firmly planted in the bottom of your glass and away from your mouth as you casually sip away. If you are worried about them possibly tearing up the bottom as you drink, don’t because every bullet is carefully rounded to prevent scratching.

They are also super easy to clean with just some warm water and air drying.

You can order Whiskey Bullets from SipDark’s website for $21.49 for a set of three or $42.49 for a set of six. You can even have them personalized for that special someone for an additional $8.50.

whiskey bullets

If you are really looking to top off an already cool-looking item, they even sell a holder for the Whiskey Bullets that resembles a speed loader capable of holding up to six bullets for $19.99.

The Whiskey Bullet would make a perfect gift for that hunter or shooter in your life who enjoys the strong taste of bourbon, whiskey, vodka, scotch, or the occasional white wine to relax. They will also be a great head turner while hosting holiday parties and other events.

All photos courtesy of SipDark.

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Whiskey Bullets: Because Real Shooters Don’t Use Ice