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10 Whiskey Accessories for the Shooter

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Fine Art America / Leland D. Howard

You like guns and whiskey? Perfect. These shooting-themed whiskey accessories will blow your mind.

No, I'm not suggesting you mix guns and alcohol. What I am suggesting, strongly, is that you pick up a couple of these shooting-inspired whiskey accessories. They're just the right mix of classy basement-bar upgrade and John Wayne cool.

These 10 whiskey accessories are sure to up your game.

1. Sip Dark Whiskey Bullet Stones

You're likely familiar with whiskey stones if you don't want ice to water down your favorite firewater. However, these stainless steel bullet stones certainly take it up a notch!

whiskey accessories bullet stones
Sip Dark


2. Shootem Up Pistol Hip Flask

With its own holster and stainless steel construction, the Shootem Up pistol hip flask is best when loaded. With your choice of  bourbon.

whiskey accessories pistol flask
Home Wet Bar


3. .50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glass

Sitting in a revolver cylinder base, this .50 caliber bullet-shaped shot glass is sure to add style points when shooting your favorite whiskey.

whiskey accessories .50 cal bullet
Vat 19


4. Sip Dark Bullet Cylinder

Designed to hold the bullet stones from number one above, these anodized black aluminum cylinders perfectly complement your ruggedness and other whiskey accessories. Plus they are convenient to toss into the freezer.

whiskey accessories bullet cylinder
Sip Dark


5. Gun Shot Glass

This two-ounce shot glass prominently features a pistol grip, which makes it very easy to shoot...whiskey.

whiskey accessories gun shot glass
Golden Ideal


6. Bullet Proof Hip Flask

You'll look pretty hardcore sipping whiskey from this flask, which looks like it has survived an Old West gunfight or two. Although I wouldn't rely on it to do so again.

whiskey accessories bullet proof flask
Yellow Octopus


7. 12 Gauge Shot Glass

Bearing some resemblance of a spent 12 gauge shotgun shell, this shot glass is a perfect choice among whiskey accessories and it doesn't have that gunpowder aftertaste like a real spent shell.

whiskey accessories 12 ga shot glass


8. Muzzleshots Tactical Shot Glass

Modeled after the A2 Flash Hider, this aluminum shot glass helps to minimize barrel flash and disperse delicious bourbon into your mouth. Amazing!

whiskey accessories muzzle shots
Gun Goddess


9. Shotgun Cartridge Hip Flask

This durable pewter and brass hip flask resembles a shotgun shell, and holds four ounces of your chosen liquor.

whiskey accessories shotgun flask
The Hunting Lodge


10. Shotcha Bandolier Shot Glass

This old-style bandolier can be equipped with six shotgun shell-themed shot glasses and a bottle of your best bourbon.

Warning: a quick draw gunfight of this sort will knock you down faster than you might think!

whiskey accessories bandolier
Green Head

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10 Whiskey Accessories for the Shooter