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Which of These 4 Small Game Points Do You Use?

Have you ever wondered which small game point is the best? Watch as Clay Hayes puts them through the wringer.

Hunting small game animals with a bow is a blast. I'm not the least bit embarrassed to say I frequently take to the field during winter months to seek out cottontails. In fact, small game hunting with a bow and arrow is just about one of my favorite ways to spend a day. There is no pressure, I can take my kids out with me, there are more shot opportunities, and I still get a bit of meat for the freezer.

When it comes to small game points everyone has their favorites. Archers look for different attributes from a small game point and each point has distinct advantages.

Watch as traditional bowhunter Clay Hayes breaks down four of the most popular small game points out there.

It's that type of roving and with bow in hand I personally enjoy.

As you can see each of the four small game points held up nicely in the test they were put through. He was able to locate all his arrows throughout the test and even put them through the maximum durability test.

Personally I've used a few different styles of small game heads over the years, but the Judo point is my go to point for sure. It is almost impossible to lose and very durable. Like most archers out there I also always have one in the quiver on big game hunts for some stump shooting throughout the day.

Each of the points featured in the video can be purchased at Three Rivers Archery. They have a number of other points to choose from as well.

When the next small game season opens in your area, hopefully the point on your arrow will stand up to test. With any luck you'll bag a few cottontails and not lose any arrows in the process.

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Which of These 4 Small Game Points Do You Use?