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Which MTN OPS Protein Blend Will Help Your Style of Hunting? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hunting and being out of shape simply don't mix. Find out how MTN OPS can help.

If you've hunted for any portion of your life, and by hunting we mean hiking, climbing, mountaineering, camping, and generally doing far more than sitting in a treestand, then you know it can take a toll on your body.

Without the right kind of nutrition flowing through that body of yours, you're going to see detrimental effects than can almost certainly cut your hunting days short, or even end them altogether.

With that in mind, the team at MTN OPS and their handy infographic seen below will help make sense of the protein blends that can help recover your body and keep you in the woods that much longer.

Two choices, the "Magnum" and "Ammo" whey protein supplements, are offered by MTN OPS, but which one is for you? Take a look:


When you forget to treat your body with the care it deserves, you're jeopardizing your well being and almost certainly decreasing the amount of time you can spend stalking a big elk or fly fishing from daylight to dusk.

Look to all the protein recovery blends and other supplements available from MTN OPS for help when you set out to conquer your own.

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Which MTN OPS Protein Blend Will Help Your Style of Hunting? [INFOGRAPHIC]