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Which Firearm Design is Uniquely American?

This American firearms design changed the international firearms industry forever – can you guess which one?

We know the world’s most famous guns come from all over the globe, and represent a diverse group of originating countries and cultures. However, can you guess which design is uniquely American?

There are few firearm designs as instantly recognizable as the 1860 Henry rifle. The iconic design was built by expanding upon the successes of the designs that came before and culminated in the first effective lever action rifle. The lever action is also the only 100% all-American contribution to the worldwide stage of firearm technology.

When the 1860 Henry came on the scene, the industry changed. The following models, the 1866 and 1873 Winchesters used the same action and configuration, further solidifying the place of lever action technology in the industry.

The full 16-round magazine of the Henry also set it apart from its main competition, the Spencer, which soon met its end once Henry’s lever action’s reputation began to take hold. The lever-action stayed consistent in America’s history, from Manifest Destiny to the Civil War.

Though the firearms market has changed dramatically since 1860,one thing remains the same: the lever action rifle is still America?s rifle. Today, no one understands this more than Henry Repeating Arms, who makes all of their lever action offerings on American soil, including the reintroduced Henry Original. It?s a rifle engrained in our country?s history and heritage , and you?re missing out if you?re not a part of it.


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Which Firearm Design is Uniquely American?