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Which Caliber Will Open up a Gun Safe?

YouTube/Demolition Ranch

If you had a keychain filled with guns, which one would be the key to the gun safe?

Ever think about how the heck you would go about opening up your gun safe if you ever misplaced the key? It's not exactly a positive thing to think about, but things do happen from time to time, don't they?

Find out what caliber will open up a gun safe with the Demo Ranch team.

Calling a locksmith might be easier, but trying to bust the lock open yourself makes for a heck of better story!

Speaking of gun safes, it's tough to find anything better than the line-up that Liberty Safe offers. Depending on your needs and storage requirements, there's a likely a chance that Liberty makes a great option for what you're looking for.

Up front, gun safes seem like a big purchase, however they offer more than the obvious protection to your firearms, they also protect children from accidentally accessing your firearms.

Gun safe
Liberty Safe

One of the most versatile safes made my Liberty is the Franklin series, which is available in a 25, 35 or 50 gun model. Unlike it's competition, the Franklin comes standard with a 4-in-1 Flex system, which allows the interior shelving to be easily customizable to best fit your application.

In addition, this model comes equipped with an electrical outlet, interior lights and a deluxe door panel, which is really pretty nice since those are usually aftermarket purchases. Best of all, this safe is fire proof up to 75 minutes.


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Which Caliber Will Open up a Gun Safe?