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So This is Where You Can Shoot Almost Every Gun From World War II

Admit it, you?ve always thought it would be cool to shoot the guns from yesterday.

Face it, who hasn?t wondered what it would be like to shoot almost every gun used in World War II? The iconic weapons used during the conflict set the stage for modern weapons, but still pack a punch that was unprecedented at the time.

Sure, some gun ranges have a few older items you can try out. Sometimes an individual comes to the range with something special, and lets you give it a shot. But really, what you?re looking for is one single destination where you can fulfill all those fantasies of manning a

To do all that and more, all you?ve got to do is head to Texas, where the Ox Hunting Ranch has the legendary weapons of World War II, plus plenty more to keep you busy.

We?re talking about a Howitzer, an 81mm mortar, and the famous German PAK-40, an anti-tank gun that?s got plenty of power. Ox Ranch has the only fully functional one in the world.

Think about it, you can shoot a huge multitude of firearms, one after another, that all date back to the biggest and probably most impactful war our world has ever seen. Firing a Russian PPSH-41 machine gun, then the famous bolt action Mosin-Nagant, followed by the German Maschinengewehr 42, also known as the MG 42. That particular gun had one of the highest average cyclic rates of any single-barreled man-portable machine gun: between 1,200 and 1,500 rpm.

It doesn’t stop there. Shoot a Russian Degtyaryov machine gun, shoulder a .50 BMG, or even fire the German STG-44, the world?s first assault rifle.

Needless to say, shooting machine guns and firing other World War II weapons can not only be done fairly easily, but can be a history lesson in itself.

Want to be able to say you?ve shot a grease gun? Always been interested in the story of the M1 Garand? They?re all available to examine, hold, and especially shoot at Ox Ranch.

Next time you feel the urge to learn a little more about some of the most interesting and historical weapons of our time, remember that you don?t have to settle for searching online or digging through books. You can actually shoot each of these guns from World War II, as well as before and after, and there isn?t another place in the world where you can do it.

While you?re at it, you might as well check in to the further experiences you can have along with shooting these iconic WWII weapons, like driving tanks and wielding a flame thrower. Trust us, it?s going to be a day you?ll never forget.


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So This is Where You Can Shoot Almost Every Gun From World War II