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Where to Apply for Tough to Get Hunting Tags This Month

There is still time to apply for these tough, but not impossible to draw fall tags.

Throughout the country, application deadlines for this years fall and winter hunting seasons are expiring fast. Want to go, but haven’t applied for a limited entry tag yet? No worries, there is still time to draw a license for a awesome hunt. Some of these dates are coming up fast, so don’t delay any longer.

Montana Antelope

Redbone Outfitting
Redbone Outfitting

Deadline: June 1st.

Drop what your doing and apply for this tag right now before you lose your chance. Antelope hunting is a fantastic way to become familiar with western hunting, and is accessible for the whole family. Animals are usually abundant, and tags affordable. Cost to a non resident is $205. Apply for your license here.

Iowa Whitetail

A public Land Iowa Giant. Legendary Whitetails
A public Land Iowa Giant. Legendary Whitetails

Deadline: June 5th.

Anther tag where you don’t have a moment to lose if you want to apply for a whitetail hunt in a state that is quickly becoming a trophy buck destination. Cost to a nonresident is $551.00. Find the application here.

Arizona Buffalo

Huntin' Fool
Huntin’ Fool

Deadline: June 14th.

The iconic bison has just been named the national animal of the United States, a tribute to an species that both symbolizes the expansiveness of the country but also one of our more regrettable actions, when the species nearly wiped out in the 19th century.  Although bison have been brought back from the point of extinction, most are located on private ranches. There are very few places in the U.S to hunt true wild bison, with Arizona being one such place.

This is a long-shot draw, many hunters wait 20 years to get a tag, and at $5,400, a nonresident bull tag is not cheap.  Consider it a hunt of a lifetime. Apply for your bison tag here.

Montana Mountain Lion

Redbone Outfitting
Redbone Outfitting

Deadline: August 11th for the special license.

If you want to hunt mountain lions in some of Montana’s best mountain lion country located in FW Regions 1 and 2, you will need to apply for the special license. The special tag costs $320 dollars for a nonresident. Following the draw, a general over the counter tag for other hunt areas is available at the same price. As long as there are licenses available, its a guaranteed hunt. Apply here.

The four hunts listed above offer a broad range of hunting experience at a variety of price points. Apply for some of the tags, get a plan together and make this year a hunting season to remember.

Good luck.


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Where to Apply for Tough to Get Hunting Tags This Month