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This Golden Eagle Has Better Soccer Skills Than You

Watch what a golden eagle will do when it has the time and a soccer ball at its disposal. This gives a whole new meaning to “eagles soar because they always focus on their goal.”

This apparent juvenile golden eagle seems to be a pro with his new found soccer ball. If he could only call a few of his friends down to join him – they might be a tough team to beat.

Wherever this is, it’s just amazing to see a wild animal take to a ball and seem to have, well, a ball with it. Is it having fun or is something else going on?

As I said, it appears to be an immature golden eagle as the mottled white on its feathers shows. Those kids were in awe of it as they should have been. Seeing a wild eagle right in their schoolyard must’ve been the stuff of legend in that district!

It’s hard to tell what the real reason that eagle was so taken with that soccer ball was, but maybe it was simply enjoying itself.

Thanks to those who took the videotape and shared it with the rest of us. Cheers!



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This Golden Eagle Has Better Soccer Skills Than You