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When Triggerfish Swarm a GoPro [VIDEO]

A GoPro is one of the most powerful cameras in the world, but its no match for a school of triggerfish. 

Cameras are getting smaller and more innovative everyday, able to capture just about anything, and they seem to follow adventurers wherever the road leads.

Check out what happens when this cameraman drops his GoPro Hero over 90 feet into the ocean in the middle of a school of triggerfish.


The cameraman wasn’t sure what the GoPro would capture down in the ocean, as it was merely attached to a line. Lucky for him, there just happened to be a rowdy school of triggerfish waiting below.

There are about 40 different species of triggerfish in the world, most varieties are marked with bright colors or a series of spots and lines. Although they inhabit sub-tropical waters all around the world, the highest concentration of triggerfish can be found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Bring your camera with you next time you head out into the water, you just might film a fish phenomenon.

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When Triggerfish Swarm a GoPro [VIDEO]