piranha eat

When Piranha Eat, it's Like an Underwater Tornado of Teeth

Filmed in the wetlands of Brazil, this video takes you underwater to see what it's like when piranha eat.

In the vast watershed of the Amazon there are two common predators, the Dorado and the Red Bellied Piranha.

Check out this vicious video and see how the dorado and piranha eat when the opportunity strikes.

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As you just saw the fig trees hanging over the water have ripening fruit which sometimes falls into the water. This draws fish to the shorelines for an opportunity to eat. However, the plummeting fruit also draws the predators the Red Bellied Piranha and the Dorado. The Dorado is known locally as the river tiger and wastes no time to grab a smaller fish who's trying to snack on the figs.

Did you see the size of the shoals that the Red Bellied Piranha was traveling in? Although the groups are typically large, the fish rarely exhibit group hunting behavior. These piranha eat like it's their last meal and often strike at an injured fish individually.