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When Setting off Fireworks Gets out of Control [VIDEO]

Here is what happens when fireworks get out of control. 

Check out what it looks like when festivities go awry and get a bit dangerous.

Not much information is provided for this video but from the looks of it, these are some amateurs setting off fireworks and it gets a little out of control. It gets really hectic and the fireworks start going off really close to the group of people.

The celebration drew quite a crowd and, for some reason, is happening in plain daylight.

The fireworks basically set each other off as they light up down the row. People are running near the blasts looking hectic, and then there's that one guy throwing up his hands looking like he's saying, "Hell yea, this is awesome!!!"

Luckily no one caught on fire or was hurt by the exploding fireworks. Everyone celebrates in the end.

But this is a good example of why you should be very careful setting off your own fireworks...

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When Setting off Fireworks Gets out of Control [VIDEO]